Unique Hoodia Review – Is It Capable Of Reducing Your Appetite?

Hoodia Gordonii is often mistakenly referred to as a cactus plant but it is actually a succulent plant. The plant comes from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa and has recently attracted a high level of attention in the weight loss world.

Hoodia is now being used in many weight loss supplements as an appetite suppressant. Many producers claim it’s a highly effective and one of the better ingredients available if you need to shed a significant amount of weight.

Important Notice: NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK!

Among the many Hoodia-based weight loss supplements available is Unique Hoodia which is by far the most popular. Claiming it uses the most amount of hoodia. Therefore, giving you the correct amount of this ingredient that provides the best results.

This product has recently captured the spotlight and created quite a buzz in many customer testimonials. However, can Unique Hoodia really live up to all the hype? Let’s find out in this detailed review.

So Who Are Unique Hoodia?

Unique Hoodia is produced by Bauer Nutrition, a well-known name in the supplement market with a reputation for offering quality products that deliver real value.

They make and sell a wide variety of supplement products for weight loss, sports nutrition, and general health. While a solid manufacturer reputation doesn’t automatically mean a particular product will work. But can be a very good indicator of what to expect in quality and truthful claims.

When you significantly cut your intake of calories and maintain it on a consistent basis, your body begins to burn fat much faster. Because your body is accustom to a much higher level of consumption the drastic change in eating habits results in shedding extra weight quickly.

However, this supplement takes weight loss a step further by also speeding up your metabolism and boosting energy. The rich formula shifts your metabolism into overdrive which in turn burns off fat and calories.

Clinical research is not conclusive which can bring into question just effective the product really is. However, some of the elements of the ingredients are clinically proven such as P57 which is within the ingredient Hoodia Gordonii.

  • Effects – Appetite Suppressant
  • Sales History – 8 years
  • Money Back Guarantee – 60 days
  • Price Range – $32.00
  • Available For Delivery – International
  • Official Website – CLICK HERE

P57 has been studied and is proven to help decrease your level of appetite, particularly snacking or binging. Additionally, Piperine is a well-known ingredient which assists your body in absorbing important nutrients which makes it work faster.

Unique Hoodia does not claim to be a wonder supplement that will magically melt away all your fat overnight. However, based on many testimonials, this appetite suppressant works well for the vast majority of users who try it.

Benefits of Using Unique Hoodia

At its core, Unique Hoodia is designed to be an appetite suppressant but also delivers an increased metabolism and boosting energy levels. All of these result in speeding up calories being burnt and reduced.

Customer Testimonials And Feedback

Referred to Unique Hoodia by a friend of mine and have never looked back. It greatly reduced my craving, made me feel full without the energy crash and improved my dieting technique.

Final Opinion And Review

One of the things we like about Unique Hoodia is Bauer Nutrition doesn’t try to make it out to be a miracle pill. They don’t make huge claims they can’t prove, so you know exactly what you are getting right up front. Unique Hoodia is not a wonder drug that people tend to be looking for. But it is a great supplement that makes dieting and losing weight significantly easier for the user.

Many people that need to lose weight just need that little extra help to stay strong and avoid temptations. Unique Hoodia makes it easier to eat a little less and stay more focused on goals. We recommend this supplement because it offers users exactly what it says on the box.

Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia

Overall Effectiveness

8.8 /10

Side Effects

4.5 /10


4.5 /10


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Good Feedback
  • Long History


  • Not Available In UK
  • Minor Side Effects
  • Only Available Online


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