TestoFuel Review – Good Or Bad Testosterone Booster?

TestoFuel claims it’s the ultimate product when it comes to testosterone boosting supplements. Since its release onto the highly competitive market, TestoFuel has received a lot of the spotlight. But is it really the markets No1 testosterone booster!

Our TestoFuel review will be looking into these claims and revealing if we think it truly is the best, safest and most effective product out there to improve your testosterone levels!

Sold, distributed and marketed by a company called Peak Health Labs INC, TestoFuel offers a way for bodybuilders and men with low testosterone levels to safely and naturally regain or strengthen your levels for the better!

What TestoFuel Claims To Achieve!

TestoFuel is a well-marketed product within a sea of many naturally made testosterone boosters. They claim to help you greatly improve testosterone levels resulting it:

  1. Boosted muscle growth (especially for bodybuilders)
  2. Reducing fat stores because we all know low testosterone will contribute to increased weight levels.
  3. Libido and sex drive will be dramatically enhanced.

Targeted towards athletes and bodybuilders who want to improve their game down the gym, TestoFuel is also claimed to be capable of helping the average middle-aged man tackle his low testosterone levels!

How Does TestoFuel Work?

Using amino acids, plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins, TestoFuel claims they have formulated the perfect blend of ingredients. Using this formula helps your body free up and produce even more testosterone levels for you to make use of. When you improve your testosterone levels with TestoFuel can expect to experience:

For Bodybuilders

  1. Better workout rate and improved endurance levels.
  2. Improved rate of muscle growth, can also be used for cutting and bulking cycles.
  3. Recovery times are reduced so you can workout more often and experience even more gains.

For The Average Man

  1. Better libido levels, making you the alpha male!
  2. Improvement in energy levels throughout the day when taking TestoFuel.
  3. Better physique including reduced weight and improved health levels.

Key Ingredients Used In The TestoFuel Formula

Here is the full list of key ingredients TestoFuel have used to create their perfect testosterone booster. Listed next to each ingredient are links to clinical trials and medical references concerning the listed ingredients. You can use these for your own research and reference to help you make a decision on using the TestoFuel brand.

  • Vitamin D –We all know vitamin D can improve your mood and keep those colds at bay. But it has also been associated with the production of testosterone levels, ask any Greek god!
  • Magnesium –Has been shown in clinical studies to improve muscle growth over a 3-month study.
  • Oyster Extract –Very high in levels of zinc, known for the production of testosterone levels.
  • Vitamin B6 –Like many other other vitamins in your body helps produce testosterone and keeps your health in peak performance. But with no clinical evidence to suggests, it will boost testosterone levels and we cannot confirm this!
  • D-aspartic acid – Another amino acid associated with the positive development of testosterone.
  • Ginseng – Has been claimed to help with libido levels but official results of this ingredient are inconclusive.
  • Fenugreek –Another inconclusive ingredient that has been touted to enhance free testosterone levels.

As you can see the ingredients above do keep your body healthy and can boost testosterone levels. But many ingredients are inconclusive or have not clinical evidence at all!

Positive/negatives When Using TestoFuel

Here are the positives when ordering and using the TestoFuel Brand of testosterone boosting supplements:

  • Ordering is simple, free and you do not have to sign up to use their supplement.
  • Delivery is free to UK and US distributors for quicker delivery times.
  • You get a free t-Shirt with your order, Yes you really do!
  • Offers a 90-day money back guarantee, but there is a catch! You must have been using the supplement for 90 days. So that means you have to order a 90 day supply. If you only order a 30 day supply you are only covered for a 7-day money back guarantee! Go figure!!!

Side Effects Caused By TestoFuel

Users of TestoFuel have experienced some side effects, although these side effects are not too worried they need to be revealed. With reports of stomach aches, cramps and sickness TestoFuel needs to be taken with caution and you should not start taking TestoFuel if you have an underlying health issue.

Final Feedback And Review

After investigating the ingredients used in the TestoFuel formula we realized that it may offer some form of free testosterone improvement. Independent Testofuel reviews and customer testimonials are about 30% positive.

Adding to the strange money back policy and their 90-day money back guarantee we would advise users to look for an alternative product.

There is just not enough evidence for us to recommend this product to our readers. If you are still wanting to order the TestoFuel testosterone booster then you are still in line for a free T-shirt!

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