Flexx Labs Review – Over Priced Bodybuilding Supplement Or Not?

Heard of Flexx Labs? Yes, another Lab type bodybuilding supplement claiming to create that perfect anabolic environment! Our review into the Flexx Labs range will investigate, reveal and explain to you just what to expect when using them. When you expect results and should you expect any gains and improvements after use!

Who Are Flexx Labs

A relatively new comer to the legal steroid market, based in Dublin OH, USA. Started selling their range of products in 2015 and fast becoming popular among beginners and novices. Offering capsules that target different bodybuilding cycles, claiming to be the next best supplement offering steroid alternative effects. Having created and based their formulas on their own experiences over the years, Flexx Labs claims to offer the gold alternative when it comes to legal steroids.

Products Produced By  Flexx Labs

Flexx Labs have produced 6 products that can be stacked against each other for a more targeted effect such as bulking, cutting and better muscle repair. Although these products only consist of natural products the company claims they mimic and replace the effects of Dianabol, Stanozolol and Anadrol plus other anabolic steroids! Although this is very far from the truth we always like to keep an open mind about any product we review on Approved Reviewz.

How Does Flexx Labs Work?

Using their formula up to 6 times a day they claim you better your plateau with better strength, stamina, growth, cuts and testosterone. Flexx Labs claim to be faster, more potent and stronger compared to the other brands of legal steroids. Targeting both protein synthesis and testosterone you are more likely to see noticeable results in a shorter period of time.

Added with its unique muscle repair system, you can get back in the gym quicker to rip another set or the same set of muscle. This way lifters do not have to rest as much due to quicker repairing muscle fibers.

  1. Improves your blood flow for better levels of oxygen and nitrogen.
  2. Improves testosterone levels which lead to weight loss, bigger and stronger muscle growth.
  3. Creates an anabolic like environment within your body
  4. Burn fat through improving levels of energy

Ingredients Used In The Flexx Lab Formula

Here is a small example of the ingredients you can expect to find in your stack or single tub.

  1. Zinc
  2. Vitamin B3, B6
  3. Magnesium
  4. Plectranthus barbatus
  5. Aspartic Acid

As you can see the ingredients are a common occurrence in most bodybuilding supplements. Although this maybe true, you can expect to get a higher dosage compared to similar formulas.

Single Use Products And Stacks

Here are the six main supplements offered, with each being clearly labelled for their desired effect:

  • Equigen xx – Formulated for bulking and to boost endurance.
  • Dianagen xx – Better levels of strength and performance.
  • Stanagen xx – Better cuts and fat burning cycles.
  • Anagen xx – Better bulking cycles for growth.
  • Decagen xx – Reduced recovery times and strength.
  • Postcycle xx – Reduce recovery, improve testosterone and detox.

Side Effects Revealed In Reviews

Apart from the average stomach ache or loose bowl movement, we cannot find anything in terms of extreme side effects. Although this is a good point for Flexx labs users should always consult a medical expert if you do suffer from any underlying health condition. Remember never take more than stated on the directions of use because you may cause severe health issues.

Conclusion Of Flexx Labs

  • Effects – Cutting, Bulking and Strength
  • Sales History – 1 years
  • Ingredient Types – Natural ingredients
  • Side Effects – Mild stomach Pains & loose stools
  • Customer Opinion – 49% positive
  • Money Back Guarantee – 14 days money back
  • Price Range – $64.95 x1 single product
  • Available For Delivery – International

Because of the high volume of steroid alternatives becoming available, it’s getting increasingly hard for users to find a product that actually works. Flexx labs comes under the category of mediocre, it offers some valuable ingredients that has scientific research that backs up some of the claims made by the company. Added with the huge price tag we would advise our users to try a more reputable brand of bodybuilding supplements. Read our list of top rated legal steroids that have a proven track record of sales, reviews and scientific research…

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Andrea K
My issue with Flexx Labs started early on with my order, this is because it took 3 weeks to arrive. Then after opening my package I found it to be to bottles short so I had to ask for the other two before I started using the stack;( After about two weeks of not much improvement at all I was glad to see I made some gains. But, this was it nothing after my initial gain and found I had really bad moods and felt sick for a few hours after consuming the supplement. Very mediocre supplement and will stick… Read more »

I cannot see anything happening using these. Seems like another fluxx.


Could you provide me with some scientific research which was stated in this review? As I cannot find anything related to the use of Flexx Labs or any clinical trials by a professional body!

Truth hurts

That is because there is none..

Truth hurts

These are sooo over priced, how do companies get away with selling inferior supplements for this price…..