Build Huge Legs With These Unique Bodybuilding Exercises

Everyone wants those huge upper bodies in the beginning, and it looks great. But sometimes, your friend forgets to tell you that you’ve been skimping on leg day a bit too often. Then you end up looking a little bit out of proportion like this guy here. You need to build huge legs that match your upper body! Well, I’m here to fix that for you.

Your legs aren’t up to par with your body. Now, maybe you hate squats, or maybe you’re “injured”. Well either way here’s a variety of exercises to do build huge legs once and for all! I’m sure that if you can’t do squats, there is something in this list that will work for you.

5 Greatest Exercises to build huge legs:

Squats! – I know I know, you don’t like them or whatever, but my my my nothing works your legs like a good squat session. These work out your quadriceps and glutes like no other. Ass to grass folks, get that full extension in!

Leg Presses: If you actually do have a legitimate excuse as to why you can’t do squats, I recommend doing some leg presses. Just make sure to try and build that mind-muscle connection while you do the work out. I also recommend doing some balance training afterwards so that your stabilizer muscles also get some workout in as well.

Walking lunges: This is a great high volume training exercise to do if you want to get those big quadriceps. Just keep doing sets with heavier weights until it’s impossible: A guaranteed waddle walk in the morning.

Calve training via sprinting and jumping. I think that the best way to get bigger calves is explosive sprinting and jumping. The thing here is to make sure you have had a proper warm up before you do this. Doing max sprints can lead to injury very quickly, but big calves very quickly as well. For jumping, do box jumps and just try to improve your vertical

Good morning squats: These are great for getting those hip hinges in the right area and creating strong stabilizers and well as improving posture. This is where you load up some lighter weights on the bar and lift as if your doing a squat, but instead you lean forward with a straight back, and then go up again. It like your bowing, with heavy a$$ weight on your shoulders, make sure to start light and with some safety racks, it would hurt to fall doing these. (duh)

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