Bodybuilding Supplements That Crush The Competition

Are you looking for an epic bodybuilding supplement? Then you have come to the right place because we have extensive knowledge of the bodybuilding supplement market. Over the years we have become familiar with the best and most epic of all supplements.

If you have ever gone into a Vitamin Shoppe or a GNC, you know that the different types and brands of supplements seem to be in an endless supply. So the first question is what supplements should you consider taking? The next question is what brand should I use? This is generally a highly opinionated debate, but if you read the ingredient lists there are some supplements that stand out as the best bang for your buck.

Then the question arises, “Which are the bodybuilding supplements that work?” The problem with figuring this out is that in order to understand which supplement gets you the best bang for your buck, you truly have to understand how each supplement works. So in this list, I will explain how some of the most epic supplements narrowing down your choices to the best brands.

So without further ado, here are the most successful bodybuilding supplements that work!

#1 Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk has become one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements in 2017. This is because they have a high rate of success and gains reported by their many users. Besides offering their supplements individually, they also provide them to the consumer in Ready Made Stacks

This helps take all the guesswork out of the equation. If you are looking for a stack that will help you burn fat, but also at the same time assist you in keeping your lean muscle, Crazy Bulk has a group of supplements all ready for you. Or you want to put on some massive muscle, Crazy Bulk has a stack ready to order.

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If you are just looking to bulk and a beginner to the bodybuilding world then we would suggest using a single bodybuilding supplement from the Crazy Bulk range. Or just looking to improve gains and have been lifting for a while, then we would suggest you are ready to start stacking anyway!

Effective For Bodybuilding Cycles?

Offering many specific products Crazy Bulk caters for each bodybuilding cycle by enhancing:

  1. Bulking Cycles = using proteins, BCAAS, and HGH for quicker growth and muscle gains.
  2. Cutting Cycles = Reduces fat and improves energy levels for improved calorie burn.
  3. While boosting testosterone, BCAAS and HGH levels Crazy Bulk creates a healthy environment for your muscle to grow.
  • Effects – Cutting, Bulking and Strength cycles
  • Sales History – 3+ years
  • Ingredient Types – Naturally extracted
  • Side Effects – Mild stomach Pains
  • Customer Opinion – 70% positive
  • Money Back Guarantee – 14 days
  • Price Range – $32.00 + 2 for 1 special offers
  • Available For Delivery – International delivery
  • Official Website – CLICK HERE

#2 Anadrole

Protein synthesis is an important process that is responsible for creating high levels of protein production within the body. Shifting protein production into overdrive sets your muscles up for increased growth while reducing recovery times.

Anadrole reduces the build-up of serotonin levels when lifting, which increases endurance and betters intense workouts. When serotonin levels rise during your workout it stimulates feelings of fatigue. Additionally, this powerful supplement elevates muscle ATP which gives you a boost of energy and allows your body to train for longer periods.

If the above isn’t enough for your body to explode with massive gains in lean muscle, Anadrole also claims to better your levels of testosterone. These are two of the most powerful and well documented anabolic hormones within the body that stimulates muscle growth.

By combining the three processes above, Anadrole creates a perfect anabolic environment within the body that allows you to work harder, lift longer and bulk quicker. While many supplements claim they provide exceptional results, Anadrole actually delivers backed up by user reviews and testimonials.

Anadrole Supplement Breakdown

  1. Customer Satisfaction – 73%
  2. Discounts – Multi-buys 3 for 2
  3. Shipping Costs – Free
  4. Countries Available – International
  5. Refund Policy – 14 days
  6. Price – $34.00
  7. Official Website – CLICK HERE

#2 Testo – Max

Testo-Max’s name says it all! it improves your testosterone levels, so you can enjoy the benefits that come with heaving better levels of testosterone. Here are a few examples and features of what this bodybuilding supplement promises to achieve:

  1. Improving your libido levels
  2. Fat Loss and improved metabolism
  3. Better muscle growth
  4. Enhanced energy and
  5. Reduction in fatigue levels

If you suffer from low testosterone then you can experience low energy, weight gain and low libido due to this man hormone controlling a lot of what makes you an alpha male! Although Testo-Max is classed as a testosterone booster it really works well for general bodybuilders who are looking to boost this hormone and receive all the benefits of better testosterone levels!

Testo-Max Supplement Breakdown

  1. Customer Satisfaction – 69%
  2. Discounts – Multi-buys 3 for 2
  3. Shipping Costs – Free
  4. Countries Available – International
  5. Refund Policy – 14 days
  6. Price – $34.00
  7. Official Website – CLICK HERE

Choosing the Right Bodybuilding Supplements

Some supplements simply deliver different types of proteins to ensure optimum levels of protein for building bigger and stronger muscles. Other types of supplements deliver a mixture of nutrients to increase energy and help repair ripped tissue.

The right type of supplement for your workout routine depends on your individual body chemistry and what you are trying to achieve. However, choosing a supplement that has all-natural ingredients and one that is offered by a manufacturer with a good reputation is always recommended.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that supplements cannot take the place of a good diet plan, they are intended to “supplement” or support a balanced diet. Without both the right supplements and a good diet it is almost impossible to achieve the best results possible.

Best Bodybuilding Foods

Take a minute to review our list of the ten best bodybuilding foods and make an effort to include some or all of these into your diet plan. You just might be surprised at what a big difference they can make.

Egg Whites = Protein

Egg whites are extremely high in protein which is essential for building big muscles. Protein also helps muscles recover faster from strenuous workouts. In fact, each egg white has approximately six grams of protein and it is very common for serious bodybuilders to consume half a dozen or more per day.

If you include a couple of yolks as well, a half dozen egg whites will provide your body with over twenty-five grams of protein with no carbs and only has about one hundred fifty calories.

Chicken = Low Fat Protein

Chicken is an excellent source of protein and it is very low in fat. A six-ounce piece of chicken provides over thirty grams of protein and under five grams of fat. Additionally, chicken can be prepared in many different ways which make it easy to consume on a regular basis without getting tired of it and still having it taste great.

It is a very versatile food that goes well with breakfast, lunch, and dinner all equally well and you can add almost any type of spice or side dish to make it exactly the way you want.

Almonds = Unsaturated Fats

Almonds are an excellent snack with high levels of protein as well as unsaturated fat. Just a single ounce has six grams, only one hundred sixty-three calories and just fourteen grams of fat. If you need a snack that contains all kinds of essential nutrients for your muscles then almonds are a great choice.

Lean Beef = Pure Creatine And Protein

Lean beef is an excellent snack or the centerpiece for a full meal. Steak is very high in protein and you actually get pure creatine from steak also. Similar to chicken, steak can be prepared any number of ways which makes it easy to keep it simple or get creative to keep it tasting great.

Asparagus = Balanced Electrolytes

Asparagus does an excellent job of balancing the electrolytes in your system and it is a natural diuretic. This tasty vegetable is a favorite of bodybuilders that need to eat before a competition but still need their body ton remain ripped and tight for the stage.

Fish = Protein And Omega 3

Fish doesn’t have any carbs and it is very rich in protein without many calories. It is the core of many bodybuilders’ diets and there are many varieties to choose from. It is one of the more versatile foods on the list as it can be prepared as a main course, an appetizer, a snack or just about any way that you can think of.

Turkey = Protein

Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving anymore. It tastes great and it offers high-quality protein with low amounts of fat. Turkey is a favorite among many bodybuilders when they get tired of eating chicken or want something a little different.

Sweet Potatoes = High Energy And Low Fat

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of energy and they help your muscles sustain endurance. Another good thing about sweet potatoes is they can be prepared in many different ways if you are feeling creative.

Everyone’s body is a little different and it is important to customize a bodybuilding diet plan around what works for you. However, choosing the right foods can make a huge difference when maintaining growth and strength.

Incorporating some of the delicious foods listed above into your bodybuilding diet will give you an edge and deliver vital nutrients to your body without all the fat and calories.

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